Posted by: aperry31 | February 6, 2013

First Day Free Write: Real talk.

Traditional Understanding of writing;

Right off the bat I feel the viewer would recognize that text in its digital form/ through the CPU does have a lot of usages and is more maleable than we think or maybe come to realize. Take for granted. You can reach a larger audience and share any opnion you have on anything by just clicking a hyperlink/ text box, or response board/ message board. Which gives the user and virtually everyone, every individual a deal of power in the online realm. When I think of traditionally writing, I do think of somewhat archaic structures where there is an intro, with a thesis, a body or bodies, conclusions, etc. A set up that goes; This is what I am about to write, this is why, let me show you why, that is why. Where in digital writing or the forms we see in new media, you do not necessarily have to start from scratch. You are allowed to just delve right into a thought or conversation, argument what have you. You don’t need background information or even a grand background in writing. ‘I think of the author of Twilight unfortunately….she was just a mom at the time, potentially with writing background, but being that she was retired, or away from the writing world, and just let her thoughts and ideas flow and had success, maybe too much, was a powerful story. {} Point being anyone can be a contributor and have impact, adding to the “web” of ideas. They can draw inferences and similarities, make comparisons with anyone in the world and all in real time. Which is huge, and also not something that I associate traditionally writing with. Real time. I always see editting and reviews and accrediation, if thats how you spell it, and just time consuming work when traditional writing comes up in my head. Information is transmitted faster and more efficiently.


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