Posted by: aperry31 | February 9, 2013

GirlTalk. Real Talk, All Talk. Freedom of Speech Predispositions

This documentary of <RIP Remix Manifesto> made a great point regarding copyright and intellectual property rights. Having exclusive rights to ideas and constructs of creativity sounds impossible, yet we’re shown through trademark and copyright laws that it’s being tried. Many creators, artists of all sorts backed by gargantuan corporations are attempting to horde their ideas for themselves in order to profit.

Which would normally sound fine, someone thinks up of a character or product and it becomes popular, naturally you sell it to the public for profit. That’s cool. What tends to suck is when these corporations attack individuals (the very same people who often buy their product in some form) and sue for copyright infringement. What I loved the most or the moment where I was really blown away during the documentary was when the director/ creator whatever that guys title was pulls up an interview of Led Zeppelin or a member of Led and they’re sitting there swearing that their music is all original that the sound and melody and idea just one day miraculously came into their head and they laid it down on paper and so was born one of their greatest hits. It was a total crock. The documentary then pulls up a Muddy Waters Album on screen with the very song Led Zeppelin claimed was ORIGINAL, and then turns out Muddy Waters gather some of his stuff from a preceding artist. But what the viewer basically realizes is that this is totally normal. Artist rip/sample/cover/remake previous artist’s songs all the time. It’s been happening for decades, why now is it such a huge issue. Of course it’s “The Internet” that is corrupting the system. When really all the internet has done is increase communication efficiency.     

I don’t see people who download music as criminals. I don’t see why electronic music artists are considered thieves. I believe there should be free, centralized, and open sharing of ideas. Be it in direct intellectual form, or data, or music, or imagery, or whatever. GirlTalk the artist who is really the center poster child of this argument featured in this documentary made an amazing point of how patents and copyrights could very well be holding us back from the cure for cancer. The company who has a patent sitting on a particular medicine is doing so in order to ensure they can make their money before anything and anyone else. This disease of greed in the capitalist society is rampid, and very apparent in nearly every aspect of society today, and I’ll say society as a whole because this world is very globalized and the western thought of money being power and the only thing one should worry about in their life is really apparent worldwide.

But RIP Remix Manifesto also showed that the Corporations are not winning. That there are millions more “Pirates” then there is law enforcement. That it may not belong until we see vast changes and a rise of commoners taking control of their media rights.



  1. I always get taken away when you mention that we might have the cure for cancer but, are unable to produce the most efficient cure because individuals are trying to maximize their profits. Nothing makes sense in this world anymore and the more I try to understand, the harder it gets. I’m just happy that I attend a university where we cherish the value of life and not the value of money.

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