Posted by: aperry31 | February 27, 2013

Digital media/digital humanities

BAmsavcropped-ephues2.jpgAt Soka University I feel very engaged with my learning process. I feel all that has been made readily available to us as scholars has really helped further my education. I am speaking mostly of the incredible libraries that are now available. No longer are students restricted to physical forms of information in books, journals, and catalogues on shelves. There is what at times seems endless variability in the online archives, search engines and databases. Ebsco, Jstor, and Lexus Nexus to name a few are vast sites full of information that make research easier and more  convenient, which may anger or frustrate other “traditional” scholars. Yet it also allows for in depth, focused, and relevant works to made more efficiently and in a more timely manner, which for me made learning that much more valuable.

As far as life outside of the books go digital media has enabled myself and I feel many of my other friends to stay connected and keep up with one another despite being states or even countries apart. Maintaining relationships today seems to be incredibly easy as well. Whenever I return home for a beak and reunite with friends, its as if time has not passed, we all know whats been going on in each others life to some degree and are able to keep those ties going. Digital media is really at the center of these few things mentioned and although it has its flaws and can be harmful or counterproductive if used in the wrong sense with wrong intentions, it is powerful and has the potential to make what seemed impossible only years ago, a part of everyday life. Checking in with relatives a world away, is now just a status update.


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