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“Stayin alive” Literacy narrative. TigerTrax®

For this final project Rachel Daley and I aimed to convey the idea that there really is no loss of the analog. Through the longing of collectors for the objects themselves there can be some inkling that there will in fact come a time when analog tech will be extinct. However many of the artists of today are Maintaining the “Idea” of the record and that era in which they were spawned. There won’t be an end to culture but rather a constant ebb and flow of old and new.

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Very Kewl

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Identity Video

NewMedia assignment

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D’Lo MashUp

D'Lo MashUp


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Life on the Edge

Calling to question what is it that makes the extraordinary out of mediocre…

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Digital media/digital humanities

BAmsavcropped-ephues2.jpgAt Soka University I feel very engaged with my learning process. I feel all that has been made readily available to us as scholars has really helped further my education. I am speaking mostly of the incredible libraries that are now available. No longer are students restricted to physical forms of information in books, journals, and catalogues on shelves. There is what at times seems endless variability in the online archives, search engines and databases. Ebsco, Jstor, and Lexus Nexus to name a few are vast sites full of information that make research easier and more  convenient, which may anger or frustrate other “traditional” scholars. Yet it also allows for in depth, focused, and relevant works to made more efficiently and in a more timely manner, which for me made learning that much more valuable.

As far as life outside of the books go digital media has enabled myself and I feel many of my other friends to stay connected and keep up with one another despite being states or even countries apart. Maintaining relationships today seems to be incredibly easy as well. Whenever I return home for a beak and reunite with friends, its as if time has not passed, we all know whats been going on in each others life to some degree and are able to keep those ties going. Digital media is really at the center of these few things mentioned and although it has its flaws and can be harmful or counterproductive if used in the wrong sense with wrong intentions, it is powerful and has the potential to make what seemed impossible only years ago, a part of everyday life. Checking in with relatives a world away, is now just a status update.

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Parasite that is Man ;SCUM

Parasite that is Man ;SCUM


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duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh times whatever…..BATMANNNN

This documentary of <RIP Remix Manifesto> made a great point regarding copyright and intellectual property rights. Having exclusive rights to ideas and constructs of creativity sounds impossible, yet we’re shown through trademark and copyright laws that it’s being tried. Many creators, artists of all sorts backed by gargantuan corporations are attempting to horde their ideas for themselves in order to profit.

Which would normally sound fine, someone thinks up of a character or product and it becomes popular, naturally you sell it to the public for profit. That’s cool. What tends to suck is when these corporations attack individuals (the very same people who often buy their product in some form) and sue for copyright infringement. What I loved the most or the moment where I was really blown away during the documentary was when the director/ creator whatever that guys title was pulls up an interview of Led Zeppelin or a member of Led and they’re sitting there swearing that their music is all original that the sound and melody and idea just one day miraculously came into their head and they laid it down on paper and so was born one of their greatest hits. It was a total crock. The documentary then pulls up a Muddy Waters Album on screen with the very song Led Zeppelin claimed was ORIGINAL, and then turns out Muddy Waters gather some of his stuff from a preceding artist. But what the viewer basically realizes is that this is totally normal. Artist rip/sample/cover/remake previous artist’s songs all the time. It’s been happening for decades, why now is it such a huge issue. Of course it’s “The Internet” that is corrupting the system. When really all the internet has done is increase communication efficiency.     

I don’t see people who download music as criminals. I don’t see why electronic music artists are considered thieves. I believe there should be free, centralized, and open sharing of ideas. Be it in direct intellectual form, or data, or music, or imagery, or whatever. GirlTalk the artist who is really the center poster child of this argument featured in this documentary made an amazing point of how patents and copyrights could very well be holding us back from the cure for cancer. The company who has a patent sitting on a particular medicine is doing so in order to ensure they can make their money before anything and anyone else. This disease of greed in the capitalist society is rampid, and very apparent in nearly every aspect of society today, and I’ll say society as a whole because this world is very globalized and the western thought of money being power and the only thing one should worry about in their life is really apparent worldwide.

But RIP Remix Manifesto also showed that the Corporations are not winning. That there are millions more “Pirates” then there is law enforcement. That it may not belong until we see vast changes and a rise of commoners taking control of their media rights.

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First Day Free Write: Real talk.

Traditional Understanding of writing;

Right off the bat I feel the viewer would recognize that text in its digital form/ through the CPU does have a lot of usages and is more maleable than we think or maybe come to realize. Take for granted. You can reach a larger audience and share any opnion you have on anything by just clicking a hyperlink/ text box, or response board/ message board. Which gives the user and virtually everyone, every individual a deal of power in the online realm. When I think of traditionally writing, I do think of somewhat archaic structures where there is an intro, with a thesis, a body or bodies, conclusions, etc. A set up that goes; This is what I am about to write, this is why, let me show you why, that is why. Where in digital writing or the forms we see in new media, you do not necessarily have to start from scratch. You are allowed to just delve right into a thought or conversation, argument what have you. You don’t need background information or even a grand background in writing. ‘I think of the author of Twilight unfortunately….she was just a mom at the time, potentially with writing background, but being that she was retired, or away from the writing world, and just let her thoughts and ideas flow and had success, maybe too much, was a powerful story. {} Point being anyone can be a contributor and have impact, adding to the “web” of ideas. They can draw inferences and similarities, make comparisons with anyone in the world and all in real time. Which is huge, and also not something that I associate traditionally writing with. Real time. I always see editting and reviews and accrediation, if thats how you spell it, and just time consuming work when traditional writing comes up in my head. Information is transmitted faster and more efficiently.

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